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C h a n t e l l T h i b e a u x   courtesy of Airman Magazine/Creative Commons

C h a n t e l l T h i b e a u x

courtesy of Airman Magazine/Creative Commons

“Young adults can and do get breast cancer and it is so important that (LIFE INTERRUPTED) shows a diverse group of survivors and all the ways they have been impacted by breast cancer. The stories shared are impactful and important.”
— -Jennifer Merschdorf, Young Survival Coalition Chief Executive Officer
“I loved the honesty and the diversity of experiences in LIFE INTERRUPTED... they came from the often under representative communities of younger women, women of color and women in rural communities... Highly Recommended Viewing for anyone who cares or is touched by The Breast Cancer EXPERIENCE. I look forward to having a screening to share with our constituents.
— - Jean A. Sachs, CEO, Living Beyond Breast Cancer. Bala Cynwyd , Pennsylvania
E r i n P o r t e o u s   courtesy of Aaron Vincent Elkaim

E r i n P o r t e o u s

courtesy of Aaron Vincent Elkaim

R o a n i t a   courtesy of Wander Aguiar

R o a n i t a

courtesy of Wander Aguiar

“The heartbreaking and powerful stories … will help empower women to make sure they are performing their monthly breast self-exams, receiving their annual clinical breast exams and yearly mammograms.  Being able to share cancer stories with both the challenges and successes is an essential part of helping the patient to take control of their own circumstance. “
— -Christine M. McDonald, Executive Director, Susan G Komen for the Cure, Oregon & SW Washington Affiliate
“A raw and intimate journey of three inspiring warriors battling breast cancer.”
— -Deanna Lites, Health reporter WWJ Newsradio 950 Detroit
“Breast cancer knows no boundaries. Life Interrupted is a beautiful film telling the story of different women and their battle with breast cancer. The film touches on so many important decisions and struggles that many women face during breast cancer treatment and recurrence.”
— Jodi Weak, Executive Director, Susan G. Komen Idaho Montana
LIFE INTERRUPTED is an engaging film with relatable women who take us through the roller coaster of a breast cancer diagnosis and resulting experiences..This is a very honest, real, brave and accurate film...I recommend this film to anyone who wants to UNDERSTAND the physical and emotional experiences that breast cancer is for many women.
— Arlene Wylie, 22 year Breast Cancer Survivor, Co-Founder of Bosom Buddies, Breast Cancer Support Group. Bozeman, Montana
The road to recovery is complicated. The problems, decisions, and repercussions from the start is what hooked me in...I actually liked seeing the changing hair. It’s like the GBTLI community seeing themselves represented onscreen. The cancer community also has limited representation onscreen so it was nice to see someone else going through the shit storm. It makes you feel not so alone.
— -Bobbi-Lea Dionysius, 1 Year Breast Cancer Survivor, Filmmaker, Industry Engagement Supervisor for Griffith Film School, Griffith University, Australia
With its masterful portrait of vulnerability and resilience, “Life Interrupted” will inspire cancer survivors and their loved ones for time to come.
— Marilyn Guggenheim, PhD, Writer and Instructor, Montana State University
This film, with its raw and honest accounts, shows us the boldness of women. It forces us to question the importance of body parts. It shows us the capacity-building attributes of love, family and community. As a healthcare practitioner who works with people experiencing cancer and the effects of cancer treatment, it bridged my understanding of the profoundly important space between the clinical and the human. Anyone who wants to gain insight into what it’s like to live with the reality of breast cancer, surgical scars and all, should see this film.
— Angie Kociolek @ RootstockAcupuncture.com
We were really moved by the testimonials of the women. You all have lots of courage. We all thought that (the) documentary is a very important piece of history about breast cancer and the women living with it.
— FESTIVAL FILMINISTES/Les Filministes, Quebec Canada
LIFE INTERRUPTED allows a glimpse into the sorrow, tears and triumphs of this journey and the key role caregivers and health care professionals play. The film is raw and beautifully done. Thank you for sharing your story and beautiful film with our cancer community—and the world…Gilda’s Club is grateful for your time and generosity.
— -Laura Varon Brown, Executive Director & CEO, Gilda's Club Metro Detroit, an affiliate of the Cancer Support Community
This documentary is for everyone. In fact, it is necessary for everyone to watch it as it allows one to understand breast cancer thrivers, learn to empathize with them and to support them. You have to see this film!
— Gabrielle Fecteau, Hodgkin's Lymphoma thriver, founder of Soar Above Cancer. Ontario, Canada
“What LIFE INTERRUPTED does so well is it centers the lived experiences of women with cancer from many walks of life. This film creates a space of truth-telling about the emotions that are present for these women and their loved ones. Cancer is a helluva bully and LIFE INTERRUPTED shows how women can be scared and fearless at the same time. It’s really a marvelous film.”

— Cassandra Falby, LMFT, Program Director , Women’s Cancer Resource Center
It is raw, honest, touching, informative and inspiring! As a stage III survivor who founded a non-profit dedicated to supporting male and female breast cancer patients, I come in contact with many patients from different walks of life. I took two friends with me to the screening and they both raved about the film as well. One is a two-time survivor and the other a stage IV patient. Suffice it to say, we three women have years of experience with breast cancer and all of its side effects. We look forward to hosting a screening in our area very soon.

Well done!

— Carrie A. Madrid, President The Care Project, Inc. Riverside, CA
LIFE INTERRUPTED is a poignant and intimate look into the lives of those who have struggled with breast cancer, and the impact it has on their loved ones...
a useful resource for those battling their own diagnosis to see how others have overcome, or are working to overcome, the changes it has brought to their own lives, both physically and emotionally.
— Yonni Wattenmaker, Executive Director of Breast Cancer Alliance
Mozen is unflinchingly honest about her own disease. When cancer reoccurs three years after a lumpectomy, radiation, and tamoxifen, Mozen opts for a mastectomy and reconstruction. Allowing herself to be filmed as she is examined, operated on, and recovering, she gives viewers a clear look at the process. Cameras roll when her hair is shaved and her reconstruction begins. Ultimately, this is a story of survival, and viewers facing this diagnosis will be reassured by the participants’ honesty and courage in this award-winning film.
— Booklist Review, Candace Smith, Editor
This movie is so important to the world and universe and needs to be seen. I want to expand the circle for other people to see we truly are a community, and part of a club that you never wanted to be a part of, but since we are we need to connect.

Thank you for being brave, and sharing yourself, your journey, and being vulnerable in front of the entire world! Thank you for thinking outside of the box and moving in love and light and seeking other women to share their journey and being brave in front of the world!

We’re going to bring your movie, and YOU to Phoenix so we can share this movie! You have a new Fan/Friend for life now!
— Wanda Payne, 3 year breast cancer survivor, Phoenix
Beautifully and powerfully crafted.”
— -Rose Barlow, Executive Director, Zero Breast Cancer
It was a film with so much strength and positive message that there is a good life beyond this illness, something that doesn’t get seen often in the media’s portrayal of breast cancer.
— Belinda Gray, 5 year breast cancer survivor and Founder ART FORCURE.org, Suffolk, England