The film is being sponsored by Center for Independent Documentary (CID).

 Since its inception in 1981, the Center for Independent Documentary (CID) has worked with hundreds of independent film and video producers making work of local, national and international significance on a wide range of historical, contemporary and socially significant issues. Whether advocating for LGBT and gender equality, drawing attention to the plight of our returning veterans, or following the lives of children and grandmothers battling AIDS in developing countries, CID gives expression to voices that all too often go unheard or ignored. CID films have been seen on PBS as part of American Masters, American Experience, Independent Lens and POV, received national cablecasts from HBO, Sundance, Discovery and LOGO channels, and have appeared at every major film festival receiving awards from Emmys to the Peabody. They are also used by a variety of nonprofit and community organizations, from churches to humanities festivals, around the United States and throughout the world. - CID Website


Berkeley Film Fund

Greater Montana Foundation

Komen, Idaho/Montana

Mental Insight Foundation

Montana Film Commission/Big Sky Grant


Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Women of Color United

National Organization for Women, Seattle Chapter

Montana American Indian Women’s Health Coalition (MAIWHC)

Montana PBS


Valerie & Dana Copie/Longcope

Janet Barkow

Margaret Hall

Peter & Noriko Tillack

Susan and Bill Rea

Doug & Ione T. Daniels

Jeff & Heather Musselman

Jane A Dubitzky

Craig & Lori Campbell

Clara Pincus

Barbara Komlos

Cathy Nolan

Howard Mozen

Sarah-Ann Friedman

Arlene Wylie

Jennifer Chatman

Howard Kessler

Jane and Gene Kay

Barbara Haux

Daniel Magid

Lawrence Hanf

Barbara Mozen

Jan Rubin

Suzanne Held

Marcia Edelstien-Cunha

Amy Aldrich

Mikiyo Aoki

John Douvlos

Steven Enoch

Ada Giusti

Irene Giusti

Erick Goudie

Marilyn Guggenheim

Evalina Lapierre

Jay Lubin

Charles & Gladys Marks

Ann Millman

Bonnie Magid-Roditti

Arlene Marie-Wylie

Daniel Millman

Paul Mozen

Debbie Polhemus

Natalie Samuels-Wheeler

Sara Schaefer-Mellinger

Elizabeth Schaefer-Mozen

Cynthia Schaefer

Beverly Seckinger

Gail Silva

Chuck Wexler

Robert C. Wood

Debi Wood

Claudia Bilbao

Nikki L. Naiser



Sarah DeOpsomer

Judi Ettlinger

Beth Garner

Anika Hanisch

Howard Kessler

Art and Emily Lubin

Sara Millman-Silva

Greg Mortenson

Milt Mozen

Neal Mozen

Rachel Randash

Martha Rotella

Jan Rubin

Margaret Swansen

Kathleen Bryan

Nina Matos

Bridget Kevane

Amy Hoitsma

Eva Mengelkoch

Evelina Lapierre

Darlene Drapkin

Barbara Deveer

Claudia Bilbao

Betty & Thom Seaton

Deborah Ross

Marcia Kaveney





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